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"An Absolute Commitment to Shape Classification Solutions"

About Us

Profile Industries is the primary worldwide manufacturer of both standard and customized models of spiral separators, which are designed exclusively to separate round product from cracked, broken or non-round material. Spiral separators can be used to separate and clean seeds, grain, metal powders such as tungsten, cobalt, magnesium, carbide and steel shot media, as well as glass, metal, or ceramic beads for use in the process of shot peening. Because they are capable of producing a product that is up to 100% clean, they can greatly reduce waste and consequently save large amounts of money. In addition, the process can be entirely “green” since separators are completely powered by gravity. The original process was developed in the early 1900's, and this remains the one true method of accomplishing this type of separation.

The process of spiral separation is fairly straightforward. Material to be separated is discharged onto a banked metal flight, which is spirally wound around a central shaft. As the material flows down the banked surface, its speed increases, and centrifugal force carries it toward the outer edge of the flight. Round materials achieve a velocity sufficient to carry them over the outer edge of the flighting, but non-rounds and less dense material mixed with the rounds are unable to reach the edge. They continue to travel downward, and ultimately exit separately at the bottom.

Designing and manufacturing successful spiral separators requires Profile Industries to utilize these basic principals of physics while taking into account the specific products being separated. We recommend that customers send samples of the materials they wish to separate to our laboratory for free testing. This helps us determine which spirolator will best meet your requirements.

While the spiral separation process is fairly simple in theory, its level of effectiveness is directly impacted by the design and quality of the machine. The central flight of your separator must have the correct degree of pitch and be the proper length and depth to provide optimum results for the specific materials you are separating. At Profile Industries, our inner flights are built from either galvanized steel, or from stainless, which eliminates buildup of static and magnetism during operation. Our machines are manufactured from welded galvanized steel, which increases their ability to withstand high levels of heat and vibration and contributes to their longevity. This is important because these machines generally run 24/7.

At Profile Industries we have an absolute commitment to excellence. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to reduce waste, increase productivity and save money.

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