The Advantages of the Oscillating Shape Sorter

Recently. we were given the opportunity to find the best way to sort tantalum. Tantalum is a chemical element that is rare, hard, blue-gray, lustrous transition metal that is highly corrosion-resistant. This material has many applications from the Medical industry to the electronics industry. A precise spherical separation is imperative for this metal due to its  high price tag and the specific applications of its use.

Profiles obtained a sample of the tantalum and our engineers went to work. We tested this material with a number of products and found the Oscillating Shape Sorter returned the best results. It sorted the material through linear oscillating vibrations. This technological advancement allowed a variety of fine particles to be separated and classified starting at just 45 Microns.

The adjustable table on the shape sorter also allowed for flexibility is separation and quality simply by adjusting the table higher on one end so the spherical particles roll down to the lower end and the non-spherical ride up the table.

The Oscillating Shape Sorter works well with a variety of fine materials.

Once the fine product is placed in the “hopper”, it dispenses gently down the tray to the oscillating table. The spheres will separate out to one of 8 boxes. At this point the product that is spherical will go to box #1, spherical with abnormalities box #2, Spherical with deeper blemishes box 3, and so on. The higher up the table the particle rides the lower the quality of the spherical particle.

This machines sorts and classifies a variety of material with ease.