Bullard Seed Co. Feature

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a great company based in Ashland, MO. Bullard Seed Co. is a family owned and operated contract producer of soybeans and wheat seed. They were looking to become faster and more efficient with their sorting process and the standard spiral separators Bullard had in place were not meeting their growing needs.

Profile’s President and chief engineer Steve DeJong worked with Bullard to create the best solution. Since Profile’s standard cabinet is four-inches too large to fit into Bullard’s existing space, Steve designed a custom cabinet to fit.

Bullard’s spirals are positioned ahead of the color sorter which in turn enables the sorter to become more precise in its sorting.

“I cannot explain it without visually showing you what they will do in operation – it is hard to explain until you actually see it run. This thing really works.” Said Joel Bullard, president and owner of Bullard Seed Co.

“They (rotary spirals) remove a small amount, yet they remove everything you want to remove,” he says. “They are so easy to set. It takes longer to climb the ladder to the platform on the cleaning deck than it does to change the setting.”

Bullard says they routinely check the spiral’s discard throughout the day and when they change from variety to variety. The spirals are so sensitive that Bullard usually makes a slight adjustment for each different variety.

“I cannot say enough good about these rotary spirals. It gives us greater confidence in our product.” Bullard says. “I feel every soybean plant should have them.

This case study was featured by SeedToday in the 2017 first quarter issue. The full article contains a profile of Bullard Seed Co. and how they decided to implement the rotary spiral separators into their seed cleaning operation.