Within the petroleum industry, blast machines are used for a large number of operations to mine, transport, refine and redistribute petroleum products. Pipes, fittings and castings, which allow petroleum products to be conveyed to the consumer, are all produced using blasting processes.

The blasting process is enhanced by Profile Industries spiral separators, which ensure that surfaces of pipes and fittings are properly prepared, and that components fit well so the systems will not leak.

Heavy Equipment

Blast applications are used extensively when manufacturing heavy pieces of off-road equipment, such as those used for the construction, agricultural and mining industries. Because these track and rubber tire vehicles need to be extremely strong, stable and safe, strict standards are maintained in their manufacturing practices.

Spiral separators from Profile Industries maintain blast media integrity during the multiple blast operations that are required to manufacture or repair vehicle engines and transmissions, as well as accessories such as booms, shovels, graders, pickers and plows.

Heavy-Duty Trucks

Blast machines are often used in the manufacturing of engines, frames, fifth wheels and trailers for heavy-duty trucks. Because long hours of operation and high mileage are common for these vehicles, they require precise manufacturing standards.

When precision peening is crucial, spiral separators from Profile Industries will ensure that the quality of the peening media remains at a high level throughout the entire process.

Buildings and Infrastructure

Quality should never be a question when talking about the buildings and infrastructure of our country and communities.

At Profile, we are committed to serving the companies and corporations work in these fields.

There is a huge worldwide demand for buildings and infrastructure additions and improvements in the form of buildings, bridges, pipelines and other structures that maintain or advance our standard of living. Peening machines play an integral role in fulfilling these needs, by enhancing the processing of metals and other materials that are used in a wide variety of structural applications.

During the peening process, our products continually maintain the quality of the blast media with our spiral separators. This process greatly increases the precision of the surface treatment capabilities and the ultimate quality of the final structure.



Agricultural and Industrial spiral separators from Profile Industries have many important agricultural applications. These include separating good seeds from splits, weed seed and chaff, as well as separating seeds of one kind from another depending on their shape and size. They are capable of producing a product that is up to 98-99% clean.

Increasing the purity of agricultural commodities is very beneficial for reducing waste and consequently, saving money for farmers, grain elevators, seed companies and agricultural distributors.

Removing Splits from Soybeans from Steve DeJong on Vimeo.


Within the automotive industry, blast machines are used to increase production and provide the required level of surface preparation for components. Automotive applications where blast machines are used include blasting of engine blocks and transmission housings and peening of gears and springs.

Spiral separators from Profile become a vital part of this process, by maintaining the integrity of the blast media, thus increasing the speed of the peening process and improving the quality level of the final components.


Profile Industries spiral separators maintain the integrity of blast media in the peening process. This is vitally important in the aircraft industry. Surface preparation processes such as shot peening and shot blasting are used extensively in the manufacturing and repair of aircraft wings, engines and other parts. Due to demanding stress and other conditions that aircraft encounter, manufacturers and their suppliers require precise material specifications.

By maintaining the integrity of blast media during the peening process, Profile greatly increases the accuracy and effectiveness to ensure a higher quality end product that meets or exceeds required specifications.


Wind Power

Wind power contributes our largest percentage of worldwide renewable energy, and the amount of installed wind power generation is expected to continue its rapid growth pattern. Surface preparation is very important in the manufacture of wind turbines, and blasting machines play an important role in the process.

Spiral separators from Profile Industries ensure integrity and consistency of the blast media during the entire blasting process, which ultimately improves the quality of the surface preparation.