ASTA 2013 CCS & Seed Expo

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First held in the mid-1900’s, ASTA’s annual CSS and Soybean Seed Research Conference draws seed breeders, growers and distributors and seed equipment manufacturers to Chicago each December for a major sales and information exchange.

Each year, seed industry professionals from over 20 countries come to Chicago to collaborate and to learn at the one event that has become a can’t-miss opportunity for so many businesses. In fact, some companies report that they rely on these four days of networking to achieve their annual revenue goals.

Featuring the latest updates in seed industry research, new management sessions on the “business of the seed business,” an exhibit hall filled with over 150 key industry suppliers, and five days of intense business-to-business networking, CSS draws everyone from the newest agricultural graduate student to the most senior seed industry executive. Everyone has something to benefit from at theAmerican Seed Trade Association’s CSS 2013 and Seed Expo.

ASTA CSS 2012 Seed Expo

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Join more than 2,600 seed industry professionals for the largest seed industry event in the country. The CSS 2012 & Seed Expo features four days of networking and educational sessions highlighting the latest industry research and a new track devoted to business management. The Seed Expo features more than 130 supplier companies showcasing products and services with relevance to all seed types.

Visit Profile Industries at booth 510 to see the newest in Spiral Seed Cleaning Technology.

US Shot Peening & Blast Cleaning Workshop – 2012 in Lombard Illinois

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Who Comes to Workshops?

This is the world’s largest training event dedicated to the shot peening process. The workshop offers classes for everyone from entry-level machine operators to experienced process engineers. Professionals in industries like Aviation, Aerospace, Automotive and Bio-Medical have benefited from EI training programs. Networking is another advantage to the EI workshop – you’ll have the opportunity to share work experiences with your peers and talk with instructors.

FAA Course Credit…

Workshops conducted by Electronics Incorporated Education Division are accredited by the FAA and may apply to required instruction hours for FAA mechanics. Courses at this workshop include:

  • Shot Peening Level 1
    • FAA Course C-IND-IM-111104-K-006-001
    • 8 hours credit with exam
  • Shot Peening Level 2
    • FAA Course C-IND-IM-111104-K-006-002
    • 8 hours credit with exam
  • Shot Peening Level 3
    • FAA Course C-IND-IM-111104-K-006-003
    • 8 hours credit with exam
  • Rotary Flap / Flapper Peening
    • FAA Course C-IND-IM-111104-K-006-005
    • 8 hours credit with exam


Soybean and Small Grain Seed July 23rd – Seed Science Workshops – Iowa State University – Seed Conditioning Workshops

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Soybean and Small Grain Seed July 23rd -26th, 2012

General “crop specific” workshop covering typical operation required for conditioning soybean seed with additional information related to edible beans, small grains, sunflowers, and selected agronomic crops.
* Seed conditioning Review – Sampling and Material Handling – Debearding and Brushing – Air Screen Cleaning and Aspiration – Sizing and Length Grading – Spiral and Belt Sorting – Destoning and Gravity Separation – Color Sorting – Packaging and Palletizing – Climate Controlled Storage – Seed Treatment – Bulk Storage and Aeration.
The Iowa State University Seed Science Center offers a wide variety of workshops. Regularly scheduled courses in seed testing and seed conditioning as well as periodic workshops in testing for genetic traits and seed health are available.For more information, contact Alan Gaul at (515) 294-4011 or Registration is available online