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Our growing and diverse portfolio includes many U.S. agricultural companies such as Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta, USDA Research, Cargill and several design/engineering system houses. Profile also provides seed separation equipment and solutions internationally to Canada, Korea, Egypt, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Chile, India, France, Denmark, Norway, South America, Finland, Greece and Sri Lanka.

Our clients include fortune 100 companies as well as a variety of startups. We work with equipment companies from around the world who manufacture the peening systems. Our industrial media separation services reach worldwide to include the USA, Mexico, Canada, Korea, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Holland, UK, England, Russia, India, Thailand, France, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa, Europe, Singapore, Italy, Hong Kong, Sweden, Malaysia, Finland and China.Profile Industries was born out of hard work, entrepreneurial vision, and an opportunity.

Profile Industries was founded in 1982 by Dennis DeJong. He was born on a farm in central Minnesota and raised with strong family values and an extraordinary work ethic. Dennis carried these values into Profile Industries and instilled them into his family. His son Steve is CEO of Profile and these principles are still at the core of every decision we make. You'll see it in our product, our passion for the agricultural industry, our drive to innovate and most importantly our commitment to our customers.

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