Dupont Pioneer Reevaluates Plant in Lethbridge

Profile Industries recently took a trip north to visit our friends in Canada. Lethbridge, Alberta is home to a number of agricultural innovators so we thought it would be great to take a few days to stop in and share the seed cleaning and rotary technology that Profile has become known for.
We kicked off on June 6 at the Dupont Pioneer Canola Processing plant. While we were touring the facility, our president and chief engineer, Steve DeJong, was able to evaluate the current processes in place as well as the spiral equipment used by Dupont Pioneer.
It was determined that introducing the Rotary Spirals to the process would significantly reduce labor and save valuable time for the employees.
How? Simple. The rotary spirals would simplify the re-setting of the the spirals between seed lots and allow for adjustments to be made during the sorting process. These resources could then be reallocated to adjusting other machines in the processing system, making over the entire Dupont Pioneer plant to be more efficient and cost effective.
We are looking forward to working with Dupont Pioneer and the Lethbridge plant to implement the rotary spiral technology in the near future.