How to Overcome the Many Challenges Associated with Agricultural Data

Unlike the common perception of agriculture being “data-poor,” agronomists and growers are in fact  “drowning” in data. With new satellite imagery coming every three days, on-farm sensors sending updates 24/7 and application maps piling up on their machinery hard drives after every tractor run, there is more agricultural data added daily to a modern farm’s archive than a human operator can be expected to analyze.

Yet, all this data is a source of valuable insights and can be a factual basis for on-farm management decisions, such as the efficient and economical application of fertilizer, timing of spraying operations, and allocation of workers’ time.

All of these decisions need to be made daily in a timely and efficient manner for them to have a meaningful impact on farm operations, but this is at odds with the large volume of un-analyzed data coming in each day.

Farmers and their advisors want to adopt new technologies that would make their enterprises more profitable, efficient and sustainable. However, the ag technologies promising to do just that, often expect the farmer and their advisors to deal with various problems relating to that agricultural data load.


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