Hurt Seed Co. Feature

Ray Hurt sees the re-engineered Profile Industries rotary spiral separators as one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment ever installed at the Hurt Seed Company (731-836- 7574) plant in Halls, TN. Hurt, who is a fifth-generation owner of the business that was founded in 1932, says the separators have been able to limit seed yield loss since being installed in August. Hurt Seed processes wheat and soybean seeds.

“It’s a vital piece of what we do,” Hurt says. “I wish we had the separators two or three years ago. We would have saved bins full of seed.” Before installing the separators, Hurt says he worried about losing too much soybean seed and would not put seed through the old separators. Hurt has been pleased with the results after running over 200,000 of soybean seed through the cleaning system in its first couple months of use. Added Benefits Profile Industries President Steve DeJong says the Rogers, MN-based company sold its first rotary spiral separator five years ago, providing an alternative to static, or non-rotary, separators. After selling the rotary separators to customers around the world, DeJong says seed company owners suggested improvements in how the machines were designed.

So, he says Profile began re-engineering the separators. DeJong says several features were added when the revamped rotary separators were introduced last year. They included 100% galvanized steel construction, flat pack design for freight savings, and steeper floors to avoid plugging. Originally, Profile rotary separators were designed with one core. Now, DeJong says the separators such as what were installed at Hurt Seed have four cores, which increases capacity.

This case study was featured by SeedToday in the 2017 last quarter issue. The full article contains a profile of Bullard Seed Co. and how they decided to implement the rotary spiral separators into their seed cleaning operation.