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With so many options available, finding the most successful combination of equipment to produce the highest yield and maximum value in todays market can seem like a high stakes game of chance.

How do you know you’re making the most of your gravity tables & color sorters, spiral separators, seed treatments and all of the new technologies being turned out every day?

We can help.

There are some great innovations and products that have delivered consistent results at very cost effective price each and every time.  One such product is the Rotary Separator from Profile Industries. Profile’s rotary technology allows you to reduce waste 5-15%. Not only that, but its ability to be adjusted while in process saves a lot of time.

Each adjustments is easy to make and fine tuning your sorting is a snap. What used to take more than an hour of downtime and operator effort with a static spiral can be done in about thirty seconds.

Real numbers. Real results. How much can you save? Use our new interactive ROI calculator to find out.

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