Is it time to replace your spiral cores?

Every piece of equipment can wear down over time. Years of use and abuse pile up and take its toll on even the sturdiest and highest quality materials. For those of us in the seed cleaning business, we can see this process taking place on our equipment.

Cleaning canola seed, for example,  can have a direct affect on spiral cores and cartridges as it leaves an oily build on the flights. This oil will impact the cleaning process and compromise the results. Until the oil can be removed with a pressure washer and/or brush and scraper, this spiral core will not be as effective and directly impact the quality of your product.

Profile does offer an enclosed spray cabinet to clean your spiral cores and remove any residue from the flights. Simply place the core into the enclosure and turn the switch making the core rotate while a detergent is sprayed on to the flights. This product is easy to use and restores the quality and consistency of your equipment in no time. For more information on how to clean the residue from your spiral cores and cartridges, please contact us for a free consultation.

Soybeans can be very abrasive and create a lot of wear and tear on all kinds of seed cleaning equipment. This is especially true for spiral cores. Flights become bent, holes can form and soon the spiral flights are causing you more issues that income.

Spiral Core Damage
Spiral Core Holes

^This photo shows a core with bent flights and a modified discharge gate. The cores geometry was not correct for the customers specific application so they modified it to work… kind of.

^This photo shows a core with so much wear and tear that holes have actually formed in the flights. If you can see through the flights in your cores or cartridges, its time to invest in new equipment.

Profile offers a wide range of spiral cores and cartridges IN STOCK and available to ship in 48 hours. Our cores will even fit in your current equipment and restore the results you experienced when your seed cleaning equipment was first installed.