1 Core Enclosed Spiral Separator
2 Core Enclosed Spiral Separator
4 Core Enclosed Spiral Separtor

Increase profits while decreasing costs.

As you determine the best spiral separators for your operation, the added value and flexibility of the enclosed spiral separator cannot be overlooked.

14-16 gauge galvanized steel ensures rugged durability; they are configurable from one to twenty four core units, and can grow and change in response to your operation’s needs.


The enclosed spiral separator effectively separates rounds from non-rounds and eliminates splits, bad seeds, stems, chaff, hulls, weed seeds and debris.


The enclosed spiral separator effectively separates rounds from non-rounds and eliminates contaminants for recycled, reusable materials.

Standard Features

• Four turns of separation
• 14 inner flight sizes in half-inch increments from 1.5” – 8”
• Adjustable gate for non-round material
• Observation windows
• Adjustable flow-control
• Replaceable spiral cores
• Vertical or horizontal discharge

Optional Features

• Stainless steel flights
• Custom inner flight designs
• Discharge adaptors
• Custom leg heights
• Powder coated custom colors
• Rubber lined floor and walls


• Heavy powder coated steel
• Enclosure: Galvanized or stainless steel core

• 1 Core, 2 Core, 4 Core, & 6 Core

• None required

• 10 – 50 BPH per core
• 100 – 1000 PPH per core

• 1c-27”D x 27”W x 73”H
• 2c-51”D x 27”W x 89”H
• 4c-51”D x 51”W x 89”H
• 1c 36”D x 36”W x 81”H
• 2c 42”D x 60”W x 96”H
• 4c 60”D x 60”W x 96”H

• 1c ≈ 400 lbs. 2c ≈ 800 lbs.
• 4c ≈ 1200 lbs.

NEW: Auger Flow System

Profile's Auger Seed Flow system consistently feeds your separators to produce consistent results for your product every time. The feed augur evenly distributes seed to flow into the enclosed separators below saving time and hassle. We've made this system customizable to work with a variety of enclosed separator configurations.

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