Double Open Spiral Separtor
Single Open Spiral Separator

 The Open Spiral Separator offers Simplicity & Mobility.

The birth of spiral separation technologies can be traced back to the open spiral. These unique machines are a cost-effective and portable shape classification solution that provides the flexibility of sorting materials in a variety of locations.

Our Heavy-Duty Double Spiral Separator offers quality construction, welded, galvanized steel to withstand heat and vibration and both direct and hopper feeds. Four separating turns are standard, with fourteen flight sizes available from one and a half to eight inches. The double spiral allows you to choose different inner flight core sizes for dual operations.


Spiral units are used in agricultural applications such separating good seeds from splits, weed seed, chaff, etc. Spirals are used to separate seeds of one kind from another depending on their shape and size.


Spiral units are used in industrial applications such as separating metal abrasives, metal shot, glass beads, ceramic beads, and other types of materials. There is no one size of inner flight that will separate all types of material.

Standard Features

• Four turns of separation
• Inner flight sizes in half inch increments from 1.5” – 8”
• Adjustable flow control

Optional Features

• Stainless steel flights
• Custom inner flight designs
• Discharge adapters
• Self-cleaning hopper insert for double spirals


• Galvanized or stainless core.

• Single or Double

• None Required

• 5 – 50 BPH per core
• 100 – 1000 PPH per core

• Single: 22" D x 22" W x 72" H
• Double: 22" D x 44" W x 77" H

• Single 29” D x 29” W x 78” H
• Double 28”D x 44”W x 84”H

• Single ≈ 250lbs.
• Double ≈ 400 lbs.

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