Classification by Oscillation: Round, Non-Round, and Everything In Between.

One of Profile's newest technologies uses linear oscillating vibrations under a table to make particles that are not round climb up the inclined side of the table while the rounder particles are able to roll down the left side of the table towards the bottom of the incline. The particles are collected into 8 individual trays and can be classified all the way down to 45 micron.

The trays that are on the top of incline will collect the irregular or non round shapes. The lower trays collect semi round or even cylindrical type materials while the furthest down trays will collect materials that are classified as spherical or round. The classification range of the Oscillating Shape Sorter can be adapted to the material being sorted by adjusting incline angle and amplitude of oscillation. Convenient interchangeable decks offer different textures to accommodate a wide range of seed separations.

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