Custom Spiral Let Down Chutes

Our custom built spiral let down chutes can change your operation in a big way. They easily control the transfer rate and limit the amount of breakage and waist in your product when its transferred from one level of to the next.

Spiral Chutes can also be installed into storage bins. This allows for maximum bin capacity without dropping your product 10, 40 or even 60 feet down from the top of the bin.

Our staff can customize any solution to fit your unique working environment. We have the experience and skill to develop a solution on-site or ship any of our products worldwide.


Profile's Spiral Let Down Chutes are used in a wide variety of applications. You can easily transfer any seeds, grains, nuts or raw ingredients while reducing product breakage. Our chutes also work to transfer processed foods such as snacks, cookies, crackers, candy, and as well as frozen prepared foods. pasta, and cereals.


The clean and easy design of our Spiral Let Down Chutes has limitless applications for industrial operations. If you can think it; we can find a way to transfer it safely and efficiently. We've seen it all, from pet food and treats to bottles, pills and packaging. Our experienced engineers can design and install a solution for almost any product or commodity.

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