Safe and Clean for All Grains, Seeds and Spices

Profile’s latest innovation for seed and spice cleaning comes in the form of our UV Sterilizer. This product and process is 100% ecological and uses no chemicals while retaining the quality of the original product. Not only that, but the cost to operate and maintain the UV Sterilizer is minimal leaving more bottom line for you.

Its compact design makes it easy to handle while maintaining a very high production efficiency for all material. The UV Sterilizer is also equipped with a unique safety switch that prevents the UV rays from operating when the machine is open.


The UV Sterilizer works on many products including seeds, grains, herbs, nuts, teas and spices. Using UVC radiation to sterilize these products prevents outbreaks and epidemics while increasing the storage life.

How Does UV Sterilization Work?

Profile's latest product innovations in UV technology could make all the difference for you.

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