Profile reviews the political platforms of both parties.

The political season is in full swing as the Republican National Convention wraps up from Cleveland and the Democrats are set to descend upon Philadelphia. Each party trumpeting (no pun intended) their presidential nominee before the nation with speeches, endorsements, and tributes. Lost in the discussions of national security, national debt, and national headlines are where each party stands on agriculture. Here is a brief look at what the Republicans have issued on key topics that directly impact our agricultural clients.

Trade – The platform includes language on the importance of agricultural trade, expanded agricultural exports, and science-based standards for food and agriculture. The platform also includes language opposing approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the lame-duck session of Congress.

Government Regulation – The platform includes language expressing concerns about overregulation and how it impacts competitiveness. Specifically, the platform notes opposition to WOTUS, opposition to policies pushed by special interests seeking to stop or make more expensive the production of meat, impacts of Endangered Species Act designations, and a proposal to convert EPA into a bipartisan commission.

Conservation – The platform acknowledges that farmers are good stewards of the land, and recognizes the benefits of voluntary conservation programs and modern farming practices in achieving conservation goals.

Ag Data – The platform includes language supporting the privacy and security of farmer-owned data.

Biofuels – The platform includes only a passing reference to private investment in biofuels, with no specific mention of RFS or biodiesel. The platform notes an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy, but also calls for the elimination of subsidies for energy sources.

GMO labeling – The platform notes the GOP’s opposition to mandatory GMO labeling.

Crop Insurance & Farm Income Safety Net – The platform includes only ambiguous language on the government’s role (or lack thereof) in helping farmers to manage risk.

Nutrition Programs – The platform includes language clearly calling for the separation of the nutrition title from the next farm bill, as well as for separating SNAP administration from USDA.

If you would like to review the entire party platform that was issued during the RNC, you can view it here.  Check back for the supporting documents for the Democratic Party. We’ll post those as soon as they are available.


Listed items courtesy of ASA.