Proving the Rotary

Our Rotary Separators performance has been proven over and over again. Our clients have great results with their soybean separation and they are seeing higher yields and less clean-out. This means more profit!

One of the issues we hear about with soybeans is the number of splits getting mixed in with the good seed. When adding in the soybeans to the Rotary, the round seed roll off the flight while the broken and deformed seed fall to the discharge chute. Problem solved! This is a gentle process which  protects the soybean seed from being damaged in processing.

Profile’s rotary technology allows you to reduce clean-out by 5%-20% as well, increasing operational efficiency and flexibility.

In-process adjustments to fine tune your sorting is a snap and what would have taken more than an hour of downtime and operator effort with other separators can now be done in just thirty seconds. Time & money; the Rotary Separator will save you both! How much? You can use our online calculator to find out!


Our Rotary Separator provides the most flexibility and fine-tuning in seed separation allowing you to adjust the variable separation speed to your specific seed properties. Seed treaters, conditioners and seed cleaning facilities can now manage all separation demands. The rotary provides process repeatability and uniformity for precise seed classification that exceeds industry requirements.

Our Rotary Separator’s come in a 1 core, 2 cores or 4 cores enclosed units. The capacity could be easily figured and also easy to add capacity later if needed.