Soybean and Small Grain Seed July 23rd – Seed Science Workshops – Iowa State University – Seed Conditioning Workshops

By Steve

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Soybean and Small Grain Seed July 23rd -26th, 2012

General “crop specific” workshop covering typical operation required for conditioning soybean seed with additional information related to edible beans, small grains, sunflowers, and selected agronomic crops.
* Seed conditioning Review – Sampling and Material Handling – Debearding and Brushing – Air Screen Cleaning and Aspiration – Sizing and Length Grading – Spiral and Belt Sorting – Destoning and Gravity Separation – Color Sorting – Packaging and Palletizing – Climate Controlled Storage – Seed Treatment – Bulk Storage and Aeration.
The Iowa State University Seed Science Center offers a wide variety of workshops. Regularly scheduled courses in seed testing and seed conditioning as well as periodic workshops in testing for genetic traits and seed health are available.For more information, contact Alan Gaul at (515) 294-4011 or Registration is available online