The Belt Grader at Work

Recently, we were notified by a client of an urgent need to have desiccant precisely separated. This medical company, required a separation of Spherical from Non-spherical particles while meeting the standards of the medical community.

For example, no cross contamination can occur, must be easy to sanitize, while creating a purity in the sorting process. Once the sample was received and evaluated by our lab. Our technicians went to work.

Our belt grader was a perfect for this challenge and provided a great solution.

Simply by adjusting the incline on the belt grader, the Spherical Particles descend to the first separation box. The slightly irregular Spheres descend to the second box and so on. The particles that extend to the 4th box are the least Spherical.

This precise, separation technology created the maximum purity in sorting and it easy to sanitize with no cross contamination.


1. Belt Grader – Dessicant from Steve DeJong on Vimeo.