UV Sterilizers – What You Need to Know

Equipment Feature: UV Sterilizer

Is the UV Sterilizer the right product for your sorting process?

The UV Sterilizer treats the exterior of the seed with UV Light that eradicates the DNA of cells that cause bacteria, viruses and organism growth. This treatment rids the exterior of the seed of bacterial pathogens that maybe harmful for consumption such as salmonella, e-coli and listeria. The great thing about a UV Sterilizer is that it can maintain the integrity and viability of the original seed while removing these potentially harmful and unwanted items.

What does UV Sterilizer do best?

A UV Sterilizer can help clean and sterilize a variety of seeds and spices. Hemp and Peppercorn are two unique products that benefit from this simple and safe process.

18. UV Sterilizer – Hemp from Steve DeJong on Vimeo.

How does a UV Sterilizer work?

Your seed or spice expels from the hopper and is carried down a tray. The oscillating of the tray allows the seed to rotate and move, so the UV light can sterilize every side. As it does, it passes under under the UV lights for approximately 8 to 10 seconds.

The adjustability during processing from the flow of the hopper to the height of the UV lights is simple and allows for flexibility in your processing Once passed under the UV lights the purification process is complete and the seed is ready for any additional testing that maybe needed. If you want even more detail – check out this UV Sterilizer FAQ we published.

A UV Sterilizer typically works best when its used in combination with other sorting and cleaning equipment. A Rotary Separator is often used to sort, clean and remove debris from a commodity before the UV process. This allows the UV Sterilizer to take less load and only sterilize a higher quality cut.