What are the best seed cleaning options?

With so many seed cleaning products to choose from and even more seed varieties to sort and clean, determining the best options for you and your organization can be overwhelming. Here’s a look at some of the best seed cleaning products Profile has to offer along with a quick list of what they do best:


Enclsosed Static Spiral Separtor

With eight flights instead of five, our enclosed separators offer 60% more capacity and reduce noise by 30%. They are also available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 core configurations. Each core is interchangeable, replaceable, in-stock and available with in 48 hours from Profile’s warehouse.

• Low Profile
• Orifice Flow Control
• Fine Tune Gate assembly
• Large Window Opening
• Bolted Design for Flat Pac



Rotary Spiral Separtor

The Rotary gives you the capabilities of multiple pieces of equipment from a single machine. With the Rotary, just one size core gives you the ability to handle all seed cleaning and separation while reducing waste from 5-20% down to .5% and increasing operational efficiency and flexibility.

• No mess adjustments during processing
• Eliminates post sorting of rejects
• Increased Quality
• Can spirolate products that will not flow in a static spiral



 How does a rotary compare to a static spiral separator?  Glad you asked.

 Rotary v. Static Spiral Separators


Mini Spiral

NEW: Mini Spiral Separtor

The added value and flexibility of the mini enclosed spiral separator cannot be overlooked. It’s compact design fits into those tight areas and its welded, 12-14 gauge powder coated steel ensures rugged durability.

• Three turns of separation
• Adjustable gate for non-round material
• Adjustable flow control
• Replaceable spiral cores
• Observation Port
• 7 Inner flight sizes in half-inch increments from 1” – 4”



In our research, the best option for seed cleaning and shape sorting has been the Rotary Spiral Separator. This machine pays for itself fast and adds a number of great features. Whether you are cleaning soybeans, brassica, canola, rape seed, mustard, peppercorn or sorghum, these products will work wonders for you. For the maximum ROI, check out the rotary. You will not be disappointed.