If there’s one thing we know that everyone wants from their seed machinery, it’s precise cleaning and sorting. If your current machine isn’t doing the job, then it’s time to find another solution to your problem.

But how do you choose between a spiral separator and a rotary sorter? They’re both excellent machines yet similar, that it can be hard to decide which would be better for your operation.

Spirals are great if there’s no power source in sight — they are non-power based, so there wouldn’t be any problem if your seed plant didn’t have another plug-in available. Because spirals are non-power based, they have stationary cores. They come in either open or closed units with a manual slide gate to control quality that can be adjusted for your convenience.

In comparison, rotary sorters are in a way an improvement from spiral separators. Rotary sorters work best if you want flexibility for fine, precise tuning using a VFD Drive.

They need power to operate, but they reduce a lot of load off other machines. Sorters have rotating cores and precision technology to help filter out broken or misshapen debris, and they increase capacity on your operation. The best part? The learning curve on rotary sorters is quick and easy — they are easy to use and easy to adjust, and they have touch button technology, so getting them ready to sort is as easy as one, two, three.

With all of that information on the table, that’s when we like to bring our expertise to the forefront, allowing an easier decision for what works best for you and your product. The first thing we do when looking at what seed machinery you need is to assess your current issue. By looking at your unique situation, we can determine which machine would better fit your needs. Still can’t decide between the two pieces of equipment? Then we’d recommend keeping a few things in mind:

Questions to Consider When Making Your Decision on New Machinery:

The Turnover of your seed conditioning Operators

Do you often change operators, or are your operators there for a long-term employment?

The experience level of your seed conditioning operators.

Are they brand new, or do they have years and years of experience?

The current quantity of seed conditioned

What growth do you see for your facility both in quantity and quality?

If there’s one piece of advice we’d like to share, it’s that learning all you can about the products before making an investment is key.

We will spend the time learning about your operation and make our recommendations on the best route to take.

  Standard Separation

  Non-Power Based

  Manual Slide Gate Adjustment


What’s the Difference?

  Precision Sorting Technology

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