Customer Stories

If there’s one thing we like more than knowing our products are performing well, it’s hearing that our clients are happy and successful after receiving an order from us! We don’t succeed unless you succeed, so hearing about the success our customers have after being fit with Profile equipment is the icing on the cake to a job well done. Below you’ll hear from a number of our clients from various industries. Don’t just take our word about our equipment, take their word for it.

Curimapu Produccion y Exportacion Ltda.

We used to use only a gravity table and color sorter. We needed a way to deal with the waste, weeds and high cost of processing. We bought the Profile Industries enclosed spiral separator model E4CA-595 because of its high efficiency, low cost of operation and easy cleanout — these are all very important qualities in the Chilean seed industry. For us, quick delivery time is crucial, and Profile Industries really delivered — no pun intended. We can now produce a higher quality product at a lower cost and ensure better delivery times to the customer.”

Francisco Costa Tupper, General Manager


The Real Seed

As an heirloom garden vegetable seed company in the United Kingdom, we were looking for a way to remove poorer seed as well as chaff/stalks from the finished product. Based on the volume of seed we’re working with the Profile team recommended their Lab Spiral to clean both our in-house production and bought-in seed. The results have been excellent and the fact that it has multiple different sized spirals all nested within each other gives us control over what proportion of the seed we grade out. We definitely recommend Profile Industries products and were very pleased with the service we received.

Ben Gabel, Director

Ervin Industries

Profile Industries’ has been our “go-to supplier” for as long as I can remember. We continue to work with them because they are great to work with and willing to discuss any ideas, issues, and solutions we may have at our facilities. Their equipment is top of the line and they are always focused on finding solutions. When we needed help sorting non-round particles they worked with us and recommended their XL Sorter which has given us a more streamlined process and more certainty for product yields.

John Gramm, Plant Manager

Neco Seeds

We did a whole plant remodel and enclosed everything. Before the remodel, we had to protrude through the roof and then split off the spout. With profile’s levelling hopper technology, instead of splitting off to three different machines, we were able to have one spout off the leg go to the beginning of the levelling hopper and carry the product to the separate machines. For us it’s all about ease of handling plus the convenience of not worrying about the upper machinery. We had dealt with Profile before when we purchased our Rotary Sorters, and they really came through with their levelling hopper technology. Their commitment to service and quality really stands out. We have a lot of people tour our plant and the levelling hopper always impresses them when we explain that we don’t have to lift product as high, and we do one drop into a cushion above the levelling hopper and the levelling hopper takes it from there. These people have toured many plants and when they see ours, they can see right away that there’s something special about it.

Chris Filer, Vice President


Customer specifications continue to become more and more strict. We needed a solution that would remove misshapen and/or broken shot particles from the process media and meet with our customers specifications. We have dealt with Profile Industries for many years and Steve’s ability to provide us with fast answers and define/develop solutions is GREATLY appreciated. We like to work with Steve because he not only understands his equipment but understands our needs – that allows us to get to solutions quicker and more completely. I would confidently recommend both Steve and Profiles’ Rotary Sorter to anyone – they are both the best!

Brian Ensink, Mechanical Engineer

Ens Farms Ltd / Ens Quality Seed.

It’s not so much increasing capacity as maintaining capacity in our case.  We had the two rotaries in series with the statics behind the first two rotaries.  When we had a typical nice round bean we were able to feed all 16 cores to maximum potential. However, we are seeing more oblong varieties coming through our plant which meant we had to choke our capacity back to 8 cores (50%) in order to maintain a lower clean out.  Going to 16 rotaries we will now not have to bottleneck the rest of our machines.  I believe we have taken most of our production stress off of our gravity due to the ability to fine tune the spirals rejection cut.  We have also been able to decrease down time since we can make adjustments on the fly instead of shutting down and manually adjusting each core.

Chris Ens

Ervin Industries

“Profile Industries’ has been our “go-to supplier” for as long as I can remember. We continue to work with them because they are great to work with and willing to discuss any ideas, issues, and solutions we may have at our facilities. Their equipment is top of the line and they are always focused on finding solutions. When we needed help sorting non-round particles they worked with us and recommended their XL Sorter which has given us a more streamlined process and more certainty for product yields.”

John Gramm, Plant Manager

Hurt Seed

We had used static spirals for a number of years and while that system served us well, we needed higher quality, consistent seed product and with our old system we were losing too much good seed. We are incredibly pleased with our Profile Industries Rotary Sorter system and our customers have seen higher quality seed while we have seen more seed in the bag. Win/win! From our first interactions with the company, we were impressed not only with the quality of their product line but the ease of use and adjustment. The expertise and guidance from the Profile team allows us to deliver a better product for our customers while being an affordable solution for our company.

Ray Hurt, Owner

International Hemp Exchange

We heard great feedback about the rotary sorter from our farm partners and decided to purchase this product as what we had wasn’t quite working. We needed a final cleaning and grading tool for our feminized hemp seed production. The rotary sorter fit into our budget and has become an excellent tool in our seed cleaning and grading line.  Working with Profile has been great, they came all the way to Oregon to visit our operations and give us that great Midwest face to face service. Our seeds are cleaner than ever and our processing time has been cut in half! Not only does Profile provide great customer service, but their reputation in the seed production world is impeccable. The rotary sorter’s technology at Profile can’t be matched.”

Justin Jones, Oregon Operations Director


Cleaning canola seed with only sieves and an air aspirator was extremely difficult – Profile’s Open Spiral Separator was the solution to our needs. They built a good quality, custom spiral that solved our problems such as separating cracked seed, chaff, and other material from the seed. A feature that we appreciate is how easy it is to clean the spirals as well as having the removable hopper and bottom chutes, this ensures that the spirals are cleaned with 199% certainty. Although it’s a simple cleaning device, to build a spiral is more complicated than it looks. It was much more cost efficient to purchase a spiral from Profile than to have a manufacturing shop try to make one from one of our existing spirals. I’ve really enjoyed working with Profile Industries.”

Kellen Foss, Parent Seed Agronomist

Cepheid Inc.

At Cepheid, we were working with a manual process that had significant ergonomic and repetitive motion issues. Profile Industries found a solution to our problem and we purchased the belt grader. The designed in flexibility, simplistic control scheme and ease of service is what makes this product stand out for us. Profile’s responsiveness and ease to work with made working with them a success.”

Steve Shortt, Manufacturing/Operations/Process, Cepheid Inc.

Mountain States Oilseeds

“Profile Industries’ willingness to listen to my needs and adapt their product was essential in making my decision to purchase the rotary sorter. Having used a spiral in the past, we’ve come to realize that it doesn’t work as well with oriental mustard. By using the innovative rotary sorter, we are cleaning faster and receiving a higher level of product purity – but most importantly, we are sending our customers a cleaner product. Thank you for finding a solution to our problem.”

Bill J Meadows, Owner

Semences C&S Daviau Inc.

The rotary spirals (sorters) have decreased our total cleanout 7-15 %, maybe more. The range varies from lot to lot depending on seed quality. By reducing our total cleanout 5% on 300,000 incoming bushels, we have put 15,000 more units in the bag vs. hauling that amount to a terminal elevator. We increased capacity about 5-10% depending on the soybean (round or oval) while keeping the same quality. We appreciate rotary spirals (sorters) for the easy adjustment and the reduced cleanout.”

Kevin Daviau, Production Director

MO-SCI Corporation

“Customer service has been excellent, and the Oscillating Sorter has performed very well. We had a general understanding of the technology used to separate round particles from those that were shaped irregularly. We were trying to increase the spherical quality of our products in a predictable and consistent manner. The Oscillating Sorter has been very consistent over the past year and seems to be built to last! It has increased our quality of product. We really like the easy of adjustment and wide range of adjustment on this piece of equipment. All in all, we have been able to produce a more consistent product in a more timely manner. Thank you, Profile Industries, who has provided very responsive customer service.”

Ray Crouch, Director of Manufacturing, MO-SCI Corporation

Electronics Inc.

“We are very impressed with your product line. The motorized spiral (rotary sorter) is a great addition to our testing programs. It is a very clever evolutionary tool. We find that it is a great equipment piece in our shop and it is fun to include it into our training. Students are very impressed with it whether they have seen the conventional style before or not. Thanks for being an innovator.”

Jack Champaigne, Founder and President, Electronics Inc.

Legend Seeds

“Their experts spent time uncovering our specific needs and making sure that we got the right product for our facility and goals. In addition to more than doubling our volume, the equipment (rotary sorter) purchased from Profile has positively impacted the quality of our product. And the follow up has been terrific! They’ve remained in contact to ensure that things are running smoothly. As a rapidly growing company, Legend Seeds™ appreciates the commitment that Profile Industries demonstrated in helping us meet our needs.”

Tim Bratland, Production Manager

TT Electronics

“At TT Electronics, we use the belt grader from Profile Industries for separation of plating media (steel wire shot) from our products. We also utilize it for any process where we need to sort rectangular product from round shapes. There are many benefits of this machine. The first and most evident benefit is the time savings. It used to take hours to manually separate the product and media mixtures since they are roughly the same size. We sifted through mixtures by hand similar to how you would see gold sifted. Since utilizing the belt grader, we can separate rounds from non-round shapes in about 15 minutes without any manual labor which allows for time to be spent elsewhere. Some added benefits to the belt sorter is the guiderail construction that allows for adjustments in any degree of freedom to fine tune the separation rate and efficiency. It also has allowed for easy modifications to the machine for whatever the extra sorting needs may be.”

Ben Heuer,Development Engineer