We did a whole plant remodel and enclosed everything. Before the remodel, we had to protrude through the roof and then split off the spout. With profile’s levelling hopper technology, instead of splitting off to three different machines, we were able to have one spout off the leg go to the beginning of the levelling hopper and carry the product to the separate machines. For us it’s all about ease of handling plus the convenience of not worrying about the upper machinery. We had dealt with Profile before when we purchased our Rotary Sorters, and they really came through with their levelling hopper technology. Their commitment to service and quality really stands out. We have a lot of people tour our plant and the levelling hopper always impresses them when we explain that we don’t have to lift product as high, and we do one drop into a cushion above the levelling hopper and the levelling hopper takes it from there. These people have toured many plants and when they see ours, they can see right away that there’s something special about it.

Chris Filer, Vice President