We can save you time and money!

Our interactive seed systems calculator will show you what our Production Specialist can save you this year and beyond.

Profile Industries builds and maintains an inventory of spiral separators, seed cleaners, shape sorters and accessories. We can ship most orders worldwide within 48 hours.

Try our Free Consultation! We personally evaluate a sample of your seeds, media, and other commodities to find a specific solution to make your operation more profitable.

Our experience in spiral separators, seed cleaning and shape sorting solutions will help maximize the quality and efficiency of any agricultural or industrial commodity.

We Set the Standard in Shape Sorting Technology

Profile Industries  is a spiral separator manufacturer.  We build seed cleaning and custom shape classification products that will help you maximize quality and efficiency for all of your shape sorting needs. From beads to seeds, the right piece of equipment can mean the difference between good and great quality and profits… and good just isn’t good enough for us.

Why Choose Profile?

  • You don't have to wait the standard 3–6 months for your shape sorting solution. We keep a comprehensive inventory of spiral separator components in stock and are able to configure and ship most equipment in 48 hours.

  • Profile Industries is fully committed to your success. Before, during, and (most importantly) after the sale, our team of qualified professionals will guide you every step of the way to make the most of your shape classification and separation equipment. Here, Service is not just a department. It's what drives everything we do.

  • As your operational needs grow and change, our modular, customizable equipment is easily reconfigured for additional units, different cores, and/or different pieces of equipment to meet capacity requirements. We look forward to partnering with you over the long haul and watching your operation flourish and grow.

Our Clients

I cannot say enough good about these rotary spirals. It gives us greater confidence in our product. I feel every soybean plant should have them.
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Joel Bullard, Owner and President
Bullard Seed Co.
It’s a vital piece of what we do. I wish we had the separators two or three years ago. We would have saved bins full of seed.”
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Ray Hurt, Owner
Hurt Seed Co.