The Perfect Solution for Dispensing Seed or Feed.

The inside of the container is funnel-shaped, sloping down at a 35 degree angle. A slide-gate controls a dispensing chute located in the bottom center of the container. To dispense material, the slide gate is manually opened and the optional top lid protects contents from dirt, moisture and other contaminants.

Bins and totes are an ergonomic and time-saving alternative to traditional flexible bags or cardboard boxes. To save space, the totes are stackable, up to 4 units high. The container has two plastic sleeves located on opposite side panels for inserting identification labels of the product you are storing in container.


• Heavy Powder Coated Steel Construction
• Tapered Bottom with swing gate
• Stackable
• Optional Removable Lids
• Optional Stainless Steel Construction
• Uses: Steel Shot, Ceramic Beads, Glass Beads, Seeds, Grains, Spices

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