Lab Spiral Separator

    • Galvanized steel construction
    • 5 inner flights: 2”, 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”
    • Position the feed hopper onto the flight that matches the material you’re separating
    • Easy access to clean and sanitize

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel flights
  • Custom unique flight geometries
  • Discharge adaptors

The heavy-duty Lab Spiral Separator is made for flexibility.

With 5 different-sized inner flights ranging from 2-6”, this machine can manage all of your seed separating needs and save you the space of 5 additional units.

Adjusting to a different inner flight is as easy as one, two, three.

Just take the hopper on the top of the separator, pull up, and move it to the flight that you’d like to use. Not only is the hopper easy to adjust to a different flight, but it also has an adjustable flow, so you can filter product at the pace you’d like.

The Lab Spiral Separator separates rounds from non-rounds, whether you’re working with seed, ceramic or glass beads. It can eliminate splits, bad seed, stems, chaff, weed seeds and debris, and also eliminate contaminants for recycled, reusable materials.


Model Number# 6.0-43-LHL-G or 6.0-41-LHL-G

Configuration   Single

Product Dimensions   22″x22″x68″

Shipping Weight   250 lbs

Material   Galvanized steel


None Required

Get to know the Lab Spiral Separator

The Lab Spiral Separator is uniquely designed to add value to your specific operation.

Success Stories

The Real Seed

As an heirloom garden vegetable seed company in the United Kingdom, we were looking for a way to remove poorer seed as well as chaff/stalks from the finished product. Based on the volume of seed we’re working with the Profile team recommended their Lab Spiral to clean...

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Profile’s Open Spiral Separator was the solution to our needs. They built a good quality, custom spiral that solved our problems such as separating cracked seed, chaff, and other material from the seed.

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Electronics Inc.

Electronics Inc.

We are very impressed with your product line. The motorized spiral (rotary sorter) is a great addition to our testing programs. It is a very clever evolutionary tool.

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