Our company specializes in sorting different commodities. Whether it’s soybeans, canola, steel shot, ceramic, powders, or anything you need to sort, we are the ones to call. Since we manufacture all our sorting equipment in-house, we can create customizable solutions for all our customers. This is the Profile Difference…


When it comes to bottlenecks, our team is well-versed. Our team has seen many challenges in material processing, but we’ve been able to find solutions for almost all of them. We often see split, deformed, or broken material; these issues are easy to fix for us. Other than bottlenecks within processing, we see companies looking to improve the efficiency or quality of their processing lineup. Our goal has always been the same: make it simple and effective. When companies get a whole new processing lineup, there is usually a lot to learn, primarily because of the intensity of the equipment. Regarding our machines, yes, it is a new piece of equipment, but no, it doesn’t need to be a giant learning curve. This is something that sets us apart because of the simplicity of our machine.


Getting a piece of simple equipment is hard to come by, and usually, you’ll need special training to get through those other machines. Our equipment can be simple because you throw your material in and turn it on, and it works. You can adjust it, but it is a simple process. Picture this: you buy an ordinary toaster. You need this device to toast your bread. You plug it in, push down the lever, adjust the time, and you’re done. It’s just that easy; this is precisely how we’ve created our machines. It is just as easy as a toaster; if you tried it, you’d understand the simplicity.

Efficiency and Accuracy

As for efficiency and accuracy, our machines do not fall short. This is where our products shine. With very thought-out design and engineering, our team does a fantastic job of innovating our products. The efficiency of our machines releases the pressure off the other machines that may be in your processing line or fully replaces the processing line as a whole. It depends on the product and capacity you’re sorting. It has the ability to give you 23% higher seed quality, 17% more seed in the bag, and 29% more processing capacity. As for the ROI, most of our customers can see the return within a year of processing. Check out our most recent video about a customer who found out they were facing a bottleneck without even realizing it:

Real Sorting Results with Thalmann Seeds!

Understanding the challenges our clients face, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that address specific bottlenecks in the production process. We aim to empower our clients, enabling them to achieve higher productivity, reduced waste, and improved product quality. If you haven’t tried out our machines, this is your chance. We are offering complimentary lab testing to show you how you can save. We invite you to discover how our advanced sorting technology can transform your operations. Visit our website or contact our team for a personalized consultation. At Profile Industries, we are dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed your sorting needs.