Belt Grader

    • Aluminum and stainless-steel construction
    • Multi sorting deck surface textures
    • 4 Fractional collection containers
    • Vibratory feed control with hopper
    • Variable speed control for sorting deck
    • Adjustable deck incline angle
    • Adjustable deck run-off
    • Easy access to clean and sanitize

Optional Features

  • Belt textures
  • Belt material types
  • Static eliminating ion bars
  • Custom collection containers size
Belt Grader

Are you working with particles that can often become misshaped?

The Belt Grader helps to ensure that there’s no cross contamination when processing products. Due to its open, flat belt design, the Belt Grader can sort round material from non-round material, and rough surfaces from smooth surfaces.

As an example, the Belt Grader can separate round, vegetable seeds from weed seeds, and rounded ceramic beads from broken or chipped beads.

There’s no need to worry about weed seeds contaminating your product while processing anymore — all imperfections are filtered out with the help of our Belt Grader.


Model Number#  BTCA-1100

Configuration   Single Belt

Product Dimensions   36″x42″70″

Shipping Weight   450 lbs

Material   Aluminum 


Input: 115 VAC 60 Hz (optional 230 VAC 60/50 Hz)

Listed: UL Rated Components /CE

Get to know the Belt Grader

Make sure you have no cross contamination by using the Belt Graders unique design.

Success Stories


We like to work with Steve because he not only understands his equipment but understands our needs – that allows us to get to solutions quicker and more completely. I would confidently recommend both Steve and Profiles’ Rotary Sorter to anyone – they are both the best!

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Ens Farms Ltd / Ens Quality Seed.

Ens Farms Ltd / Ens Quality Seed.

Going to 16 rotaries we will now not have to bottleneck the rest of our machines.  I believe we have taken most of our production stress off of our gravity due to the ability to fine tune the spirals rejection cut.

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Hurt Seed

Hurt Seed

We are incredibly pleased with our Profile Industries Rotary Sorter system and our customers have seen higher quality seed while we have seen more seed in the bag. Win/win!

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