The Enclosed Spiral Separator

    • Galvanized steel construction
    • 4 turns of separation
    • Adjustable gate for fine-tuning separation quality
    • XL observation windows
    • Adjustable flow control
    • Replaceable spiral cores
    • Vertical no clog design
    • Easy access to clean and sanitize
    • Can be used mobile

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel flights
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 14 unique flight geometries
  • Discharge adaptors
  • Custom leg heights
  • Powder coated custom colors
  • Rubber lined floor and walls
  • Horizontal round material discharge

With three different spiral separators to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one adds the value you need for your operation.

However, it’s imperative not to overlook the flexibility that the Enclosed Spiral Separator can add to your operation. With an adjustable gate for non-round material and adjustable flow-control, this product is easy to set up and easy to adjust to your needs.

The Enclosed Spiral Separator ensures durability due to its 14 to 16-gauge galvanized steel, and you can configure it from 1 to 24 core units. As your operation grows and changes, this product can as well.

This separator can effectively separate and eliminate splits, bad seeds, chaff, hulls, weed seeds and debris.

Not only that, but it can effectively separate rounds from non-rounds. Working in the industrial industry? It can eliminate contaminants for recycled and reusable materials.


Model Number#   E1CA-595

Dimensions   27″x27″x73″

Shipping Weight   400 lbs

Material   Galvanized Steel


Non Required

Model Number#   E2CA-595

Dimensions   51″x27″x89″

Shipping Weight   800 lbs

Material   Galvanized Steel


None Required

Model Number#   E4CA-595

Dimensions   51″x51″x89″

Shipping Weight   1,200 lbs

Material   Galvanized Steel


None Required

Get to know the Enclosed Spiral Separator

Spiral Separators use gravity and centrifugal force in the separation process. 

Success Stories

Curimapu Produccion y Exportacion Ltda.

Curimapu Produccion y Exportacion Ltda.

We needed a way to deal with the waste, weeds and high cost of processing. We bought the Profile Industries enclosed spiral separator model E4CA-595 because of its high efficiency, low cost of operation and easy cleanout.

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We like to work with Steve because he not only understands his equipment but understands our needs – that allows us to get to solutions quicker and more completely. I would confidently recommend both Steve and Profiles’ Rotary Sorter to anyone – they are both the best!

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Ens Farms Ltd / Ens Quality Seed.

Ens Farms Ltd / Ens Quality Seed.

Going to 16 rotaries we will now not have to bottleneck the rest of our machines.  I believe we have taken most of our production stress off of our gravity due to the ability to fine tune the spirals rejection cut.

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