Mini Spiral Separator

    • Galvanized steel construction
    • 3 turns of separation
    • Observation port
    • Adjustable flow control
    • Replaceable spiral cores
    • Easy access to clean and sanitize

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 7 unique flight geometries
  • Discharge adaptors
  • Powder coated custom colors

The Mini Spiral Separator has a compact design to fit into tight areas.

It still maintains excellent durability due to its 18-gauge galvanized steel.Instead of the usual 4 turns of separation, the Mini Spiral Separator has 3 turns of separation. However, it continues to maintain the flexibility of a normal spiral separator.

This product is perfect for manufactures needing a small foot print who process materials, such as steel shot S70 to S460, ceramic beads, or glass beads — all of these can be managed with just the Mini Spiral Separator.


Model Number#  E1CA-545

Configuration   1 Core

Product Dimensions   11″x11″x29″

Shipping Weight   43 lbs

Material   Galvanized Steel


None Required

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A creative and compact solution.

Success Stories


We like to work with Steve because he not only understands his equipment but understands our needs – that allows us to get to solutions quicker and more completely. I would confidently recommend both Steve and Profiles’ Rotary Sorter to anyone – they are both the best!
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Ervin Industries

“Profile Industries’ has been our “go-to supplier” for as long as I can remember. We continue to work with them because they are great to work with and willing to discuss any ideas, issues, and solutions we may have at our facilities. Their equipment is top of the...

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Electronics Inc.

Electronics Inc.

We are very impressed with your product line. The motorized spiral (rotary sorter) is a great addition to our testing programs. It is a very clever evolutionary tool.
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